DURATION:  until September 30, 2015


CARD: BDO Credit Card


BRANCH: Please Check Promo Website



Program Mechanics:

New BDO Visa Platinum Principal and Supplementary Cardholders whose Cards have been issued from February 01 to June 30, 2015
Within 3 months from Card approval date or up to September 30, 2015 whichever comes first
April 06, 2015 to November 30, 2015


  1. Qualified Cardholders* must use their Card within the specified spend period to redeem the corresponding freebie following the table below:
    Spend Amount Please choose ONE:
    RT economy ticket to Bonus Credit
    Card Points
    Php200,000 NA 40,000
    Php250,000 Japan or Korea 50,000
    Php550,000 West Coast 110,000


  2. The spend amount may be single or accumulated. For accumulated purchases, the minimum amount per charge slip must be Php5,000 (for Peso transactions) or US$120 (for Dollar transactions). For other currencies, BDO will set the exchange rate at the time of redemption.
  3. A Principal Card account is treated separately from the Supplementary Card account. Transactions for the principal account will be considered separate from transactions of the supplementary account and vice versa.
  4. Purchases must come from one BDO Visa Platinum Credit Card only. Principal Cardholders are not allowed to combine purchases with his/her Supplementary Cardholder/s (if any) in computing for the total Spend Amount.
  5. All posted Peso and Dollar retail transactions are qualified except for: (a) Utility/Recurring payments; (b) Cash Advances via ATM or over-the-counter; (c) Auto-Charge and/or Charge-On-Demand; (d) Balance Transfer; (e) Balance Convert; (f) EasyPay Convert; (g) EasyPay Cash; (h) Cash it Easy;
  6. Charge slips generated from casino or business transactions as well as from merchants specifically engaged in wholesale (e.g. warehouse clubs) and distribution (food supplement dealers, multi level marketing) are not qualified.

*This offer is exclusive to BDO Visa Platinum Cardholders who will receive this promo mailer and is non-transferable.


  1. Cardholder must completely fill out and sign the Redemption Form (RF) and submit via:
    1. Fax (02) 688 1277 or 687 7584 ATTN VISA PROMOS or
    2. Email a scanned copy to
      Claim forms with incomplete information will not be processed.
  2. Indicate the corresponding Item Code/s, based on the table below:
    RT Economy ticket to: CODE Bonus  Points CODE
    Korea FFK 40,000 BP40
    Japan FFJ 50,000 BP50
    West Coast FFWC 110,000 BP110


  3. Cardholders are entitled to redeem only once within the duration of the promo.
  4. Cardholder will receive an SMS or email:
    1. Confirming receipt of RF and
    2. Upon successful processing of redemption.
  5. Cardholders must ensure that the contact details provided (email/SMS) are accurate. BDO will not be responsible for non-receipt of notification due to incorrect contact details.
  6. For Cathay Pacific Economy Class Round-trip ticket redemptions:
    1. Tickets are redeemable ONLINE.
      1. BDO will send an email containing the link to the specific web page as well as the Redemption Code to facilitate flight booking. In case of non-receipt of confirmation emails, kindly check your Spam/Junk folder as well. Emails are sent from
      2. Once redirected to the corresponding booking platform, Cardholders will choose available flight and preferred travel dates.
      3. Cardholders to pay applicable taxes and surcharges except for the Philippine travel tax (Php1620) that must be paid at the airport upon check-in.
      4. Should passengers request for a stopover in Hong Kong for their return flight, please email or call (02)  757-0888 after issuance of tickets
      5. Upon completion of booking, tickets will be emailed to Cardholder’s registered email address.
    2. Tickets are subject to the following Terms and Conditions:
      1. Tickets issuance: May 1 to December 15, 2015
      2. Valid for travel outbound: up to March 15, 2016
      3. Blackout Period (Short haul)

        Outbound: 11-12Jun15/ 20-21Aug15/ 28-29Aug15/24Sep15/30-31Oct15/26-28Dec15

        Inbound: 14-15Jun15/23-24Aug15/ 31Aug15/ 27Sep15/01-02Nov15/29Dec15-04Jan16

    3. Prior booking is required. Subject to standard booking procedures, terms and conditions of Cathay Pacific Airways.
    4. Exclusive of all taxes, service fees and other applicable charges. Applicable taxes, fees and charges are to be paid for by the Cardholder using his/her BDO Visa Platinum Card. Payment in cash is not allowed.
    5. Tickets to Japan or Korea are valid for a minimum of two (2) days and maximum of fifteen (15) days stay.
    6. All flights are via Hong Kong from Manila or Clark only
    7. Tickets are not convertible to cash, non-refundable, nor available for cash purchase and not for resale
    8. Rerouting is not allowed
    9. Rebooking is permitted within ticket validity subject to USD150 charge to be paid for by the Cardholder using his/her BDO Visa Platinum Card
  7. For Bonus Points redemptions:
    BDO will validate entitlement and process crediting of Bonus Points to be reflected on the “Adjustment box” of the Credit Card Points Summary portion of the billing statement within 30 days from processing of redemption


  1. A Cardholder’s purchase that has been used to redeem Free Flight or Bonus Points may no longer be used to avail of another BDO promo (e.g. Treats Program) or vice versa. If found to have multiple availments, BDO shall have the right to charge the cost of the Treat/Free Flight to the Cardholder’s BDO Visa Platinum Account.
  2. The Cardholder will be charged the full value of the redeemed freebie should the cardholder cancel any of the qualifying purchase or transaction at a later date.
  3. Corporate cards, BDO employees and its affiliates are not eligible to join this promo.
  4. The BDO Visa Platinum Card Activation Promo cannot be used in conjunction with other ongoing promos and is subject to the Terms & Conditions governing the issuance and use of the BDO Credit Cards.
  5. In case of dispute but not limited to the Cardholder’s eligibility, coverage of dates, fulfillment, etc. BDO’s decision shall prevail. All questions or disputes regarding the Cardholder’s eligibility for the Promotion or for any redemption shall be resolved by BDO with concurrence of DTI.